High School Experience Essay


High school years are the best, they said. You’re going to cherish the memories of your high school experience for the rest of your life and be grateful you’ve had it, they said. But I’m telling you: I’m not exactly sure. 

There is less than a year left until my graduation, and I can’t say that my highschool life has been perfect so far. I think that many of my peers feel the same way about it, because we all go through the same ups and downs, more or less. Life in high school is pretty much the same for the majority of students… And it’s definitely not always a piece of cake. It’s just that most essays about high school tend to focus on positive experiences and how high school prepares them for the future. But there’s another side, too. Now, let me tell you my high school life story to make my point clearer. 

First and foremost, in high school, you’re not a sweet (or naughty) child anymore. You’re a teenager. And what does that mean? A lot of things, but primarily – more responsibility. Some would say, more independence, too, but I tend to disagree. As a high school freshman, I didn’t have much freedom. But I remember being exposed to a lot more pressure than ever before. The teachers became more demanding, my parents became more demanding, and suddenly I found myself being obliged to do a lot more than I was used to. And I wasn’t ready for that. 

Take essays for English class, for example. A typical high school essay is not the same as a middle school essay, but you only learn it when you’re assigned to write one. So, now, I’m painfully aware of it – right at this very moment, when I’m struggling to write this story of my life essay. With other subjects, it’s the same story. As a high school student, you’re expected to do better at math (which I hate), science, history (which I love, but still)... I mean, at everything! That can be pretty exhausting!  

My other experiences in high school have only added up to the stress so far. I’m talking about relationships, of course. They can be very complicated when you’re a teenager! Yet again, most essays about high school experiences concentrate on successful relationships, not on the ones that went wrong. On my behalf, I can’t say my high school experience with relationships had been awful. But it hadn’t been perfect, either. 

For once, I had a crush on a student from my class who obviously wasn’t happy with my choice of him as my love interest. I tried my best to attract his attention, and when all my attempts failed, I felt so frustrated and depressed that I couldn’t concentrate on my studies for months on end. It is now that I understand that unreciprocated love is an essential part of the high school experience, but then… I was broken into pieces.   

To make things worse, the girls in the class started making fun of me when they noticed my humble attempts to win the heart of the said guy. Luckily, I was always a popular student myself, so they didn’t dare bully me like they did other students. Still, that episode was one of the most traumatic events I ever had, and I even doubted if I should mention it in this high school experience essay. But I think it’s important to be honest in a life story essay so that when you re-read it years later, you’ll get a truthful account of all of your experiences, good and bad…  Still, I don’t mean to say my relationships in high school are all disastrous. Some great friendships are formed, I get along well with my classmates, and I’ve even found new love recently. So, in terms of relationships, things are not that bad in general.   

But then, there’s one more aspect I cannot but mention in my high school experience essay that stresses me out. This is the perspective of having to face my finals and apply to college. I have to admit, I’m really scared of all that! So far, I’m doing well, and there’s seemingly no reason to worry, but I can’t help feeling anxious all the time. I know that it’s maybe not too wise to mention in an essay about high school, but without this detail, my school experience essay would have been incomplete. 

What’s more, I’m sure this is something that the majority of high school students can relate to. Because, let’s face it: most of us dread exams, and I’m not going to pretend to be a lucky exception just because a school life essay is supposed to focus on positive experiences. Still, I completely agree that exams are a necessary evil, and they prepare us for the stress we’re going to face later on in our adult life. 

So, what do we have here? Obviously, high school experiences vary, and they are not all positive. This story about my life essay proves that there’s a lot of negativity about high school that often gets hushed up. We, teenagers, are still so inexperienced, and yet we often are burdened with a load that many of us cannot carry. Still, we’re supposed to do it – and to do it alone. 

But I’m telling you, there’s so much that can go wrong in a high school student’s life! What I’ve mentioned in this my story essay is only a part of all the trials and tribulations. Hopefully, parents and teachers who read this high school life essay and the essays of other students daring enough to tell the truth will look at high school experiences from another angle. Then, they’ll be able to offer students more support and understanding. Because we need it.