Gordian line: 'drake' for your 'tiny' ex who went away to college and now can't deal

Look, I love "Drizzie" just like the next girl, but the more I listen

Drake is the largest rapper in the world (Kanye bar), so why is he baking a text that makes him look like my white old man in high school, but then he goes to university and can't accept the fact that I moved?

I think we're all a little nostalgia for the days when we were talking "cell phone," not just "phone." But the warm foauctions end up there, where else can I call you? (ALL)

And of course I was looking for love. You listened to me, or in any case, made a good impression on him. You told me what I wanted to hear. As my little girl Taylor says: When you're 15, and someone tells you that they love you, you will believe them

No, see ... That's why we broke up. I called the hotline for a lot of reasons. Sometimes I wanted to tell you about my day. Sometimes I wanted to hear about yours. Sometimes I wanted you to tell me that I was pretty. And, yes, sometimes I wanted Dee. (D for

Sometimes! Not every time. You never understood that. And eventually, that's why I moved. In fact, there was a very big fight before you, before you made up half of the country to study the development of cities, and I stayed in our hometown to take care of my grandmother while I got my ECE. Remember?

Yes, after you left, I looked in the mirror and said, " Time to make a name for yourself, Rach! It will be a hard work, but you can achieve your dream of being unified to meet too many boys, now that this lousy monogamous connection won't delay you. And maybe, if you ask nicely, Aubrey will help you tell me about your casting from the shackle-specs! " I know that trick. My reputation is fine, bro, so I don't have to go back to your approval

I would have been too, if I believed that "everyone" was in cahoots to rule me out of my life. Luckily, it's not, and you're just paranoid. It's not all about you. I mean, maybe if you called or visited several times in six weeks, you'd know more. But let' s be honest: you're not yourself and you're tense because the university is a big, scary pond, and you're not a big fish anymore

You still dress like you're in high school? (I have photographs if you need to refresh your memory.) It's a strange correlation to fixate on it, but maybe there's something about it: I don't have to do my demands anymore, so it's not surprising that they don't always correspond to your non-standard standard of decency. But I don't go more or less than before. I'm just doing it without you

These girls are in my science class! We went on a trip to Europe because of the YOLO. And we didn' t invite you, because IDGAF. Plus, how many of your college buddies did you introduce me? I'll give you a hint: zero

HERE WE ARE. Is that a real point of view? We are. It's broken. It's working. Are you listening to yourself? That's all you do, huh? You mean, what do you mean, you're dealing with girls in clubs? Do you even know what double standards are? I do

That's right, all I need

Because I just got my license and you don't want to watch Netflix and get cold. And because I'm losing interest to keep my life in a pause while I wait until you grow up

Okay, I can't. I'm out

Oh, fuck. Are you listening to yourself?

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