Test drive: how i got my first car (and why it will be my second car)

It took me a long time to buy my first car

It's a huge purchase, and it's been hard for me to justify spending this kind of thing on something that could keep me in this

I became an expert at the university and college

After several months of searching, I moved in 2010 in silver-silver (my #1 color) with leather seats (bonus!) and only 19,000 kilometers on the odometer. At the same time, it still feels like I didn' t find this car as much as she found me. I bought it for an hour

So, how did one small car sell a ticket, public transport, essentially, essentially ownership of a car? Let' s see

You create a special connection to the machine when you travel 90 minutes to start. With its activated SYNC voice system, the Focus system and I developed a surprisingly nice compost. I would call friends and family members, free them from the road, or reset these "Fall Out Boy playlists" from the 2nd year (and charge my phone on the way through the USB port)

With a cool hijacking, I turn on heaters and make coffee and audio

It should be recognized that the purchase of the vehicle resulted in the injury of my travel budget. It is much harder to justify selling the place in the mountains now, but it has also introduced me to a new category of travel:

Whether or not I have a friendly visit to my favourite groups in the United States, my Focus has given me so many memories of how you used to pick up a car with friends, surrounded by coffee cups, caviare, and

"In my focus, there were so many memories of you picking up cars with friends, surrounded by coffee cups, latrines and citations of the Super Trooper."

The luggage for four persons is easily placed in the boot, leaving the rear room with sufficient room to move to the routes (big plus, to be honest). The most important thing is that the fuel focus is incredibly effective (it actually brought us cheaper than our collective tariff)

But when the SLN decided to give it

It's part of my hometown dealer Ford in my hometown, the first thing I've noticed is that the Focus has got a huge new look. I was glad to know that the best features not only remained but improved. The new look of frontal and internal control caught my eye, but Ford actually had me in a heated steering wheel (yesss!), which is supplied with the SE Winter package

It is easy to see that the car dealership is enthusiasant about the car-three of them jumped during my visit to tell me why they liked the new model. When they were up

I have already imagined that, despite its high horsepower, the focus of Focus is on a five-star security assessment. It means I can get a slightly faster car without paying a little more for insurance

My Ford dealer feels like a family, and from day one, I entered the house

I can still go back to my hometown for routine maintenance because I know it will be relatively stress-free (and probably because I've always been given an iPad and some WiFi while I've been waiting). And when the time comes to finance a new car, Ford is not just a credit score. From the minute they met me, I was like a forged, responsible new prom (who I was) and a potential client for the rest of my life. Which, as it turns out, I.

So, as long as it took me a long time to make a decision about the car, it didn' t take me long to find out that I had made the right choice with Focus. After years of chasing freedom, as a traveler, I realized that there is a certain freedom that appears only in what is in the driver's seat

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Kat Lourenco is an alumni and a Pilatous instructor. She lives in Toronto with a small lion, Mr. Business